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drought, wildfire, and burning (freeway) bridges

The very dry summer of 2014 turned into the dry fall of 2014, just as the very dry summer of 2013 became the dry winter of 2013. The very dry winter of 2014 became the dry spring of 2015 and … Continue reading

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California fires, landscapes, and traditional ecological knowledge

Fire season in southern California used to begin late in summer, maybe right before autumn. Last year our first fires came before June. Every year over the last decade they’ve been arriving earlier. Last week, mid-May, San Diego was on … Continue reading

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storm watch

It’s raining here. That’s good news, at least for the time being. California is experiencing a serious drought. Our reservoirs are appallingly low. Our population is high. We are certainly overpopulated for the amount of water we have available, even … Continue reading

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Photo Review of Fire Seasons in the Southern Mojave Desert 2005-2012

California has too many wildfires during the year to hope to record “the big picture.” So much of our landscape is fire-adapted, the chaparral in particular. And here in California we do love to build homes in the chaparral. Not … Continue reading

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