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somewhere to go

So. I moved to this desert to make a life with someone who is now long and willingly gone. I am the sole owner of a property that we once picked out together. When the modified grant deed was put … Continue reading

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drought, wildfire, and burning (freeway) bridges

The very dry summer of 2014 turned into the dry fall of 2014, just as the very dry summer of 2013 became the dry winter of 2013. The very dry winter of 2014 became the dry spring of 2015 and … Continue reading

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dry and more dry

Deserts are roughly a quarter of the land on this planet. They tend to expand at the edges. Currently some of our earthly deserts are expanding. Would it surprise you to know that roughly 40% of humanity lives in arid … Continue reading

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We’ve had thunderstorms two days in a row here.  Thunderclap and lightning strike together and the power went out at home for a few hours on Thursday. Southern California is dry country. Even the hills running down to the beach … Continue reading

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storm watch

It’s raining here. That’s good news, at least for the time being. California is experiencing a serious drought. Our reservoirs are appallingly low. Our population is high. We are certainly overpopulated for the amount of water we have available, even … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Rain the the desert

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Storm rolling in…

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