I teach anthropology at a community college, am an archaeologist, a drylands agroecologist, community educator, and a mother of eight. I currently own and operate an educational and research farm, Rainshadow Farm, in the southern Mojave Desert, California. I’m 100% West Virginia hillbilly. Not necessarily in that order. Most of what I’ve learned about drylands farming is from the land and other people who work with the land.

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  1. KL says:

    Do you mentor parents who are considering to or starting to unschool?

  2. I talk to parents via email.

  3. garden98110 says:

    We in the Healing Garden applaud your efforts to bridge such important fields of activity. We also like your collection of head gear, because we imagine your efforts demand you wear many different kinds of hats. – The Healing Garden gardener

    • Thank you! I am really enjoying the images and blogging at Healing Garden. You’ve given me an idea and I thank you for that also. Re: headgear for gardening and other important parts of life!

  4. garden98110 says:

    You are more than welcome. Here in the Healing Garden we applaud your efforts. Recently, we received the Liebster Award on behalf of the Garden. At first, it seemed I would be distracted from ‘important contemplative work’. This was not the case and the Award has helped me focus more clearly. We are pleased to nominate you for a Liebster Award. More information here: http://garden98110.wordpress.com/2014/01/20/sedum-autumn-joy/#comments. Enjoy the Garden – The Healing Garden gardener

  5. Flannery says:

    Hi! Was just cleaning out my emails and wanted to thank you for following over at Beartrack Farm. How amazing that you have a PhD in sustainability education–please let me know if you’d like to be a part of our Farmer Friday series (www.beartrackfarm.net/category/farmer-friday) for a little Q&A. I’m sure our readers would love to tap into some of your extensive knowledge! Thanks again for the follow 🙂

  6. jolynnpowers says:

    just a Hill Billy, Dyslexic blogger who thought she would fallow along… I was born in Colorado and ended up in North central West Virginia in Upshur County. So we may get a chance to laugh at each other along the way. Nice to meet you I am JoLynn Powers and have many posts about how I deal with being a Dyslexic blogger and how my family and friends are so supportive of my journey from embarrassment to freedom through writing.

  7. Hi Jolynn, I’m so glad you stopped to comment. And thanks for the follow! I’ve been looking at your blog – very nice! I’ll be following your blog.

  8. Andy Jukes says:

    Hi, thanks for following my blog. I popped over to have a quick look at yours and love what you are doing here. So, much resonates with me here in the damp, cool temperate lands I live in on the border between England and Wales. I look forward to exploring your thoughts and writing further.

    • Hi Andy. I enjoy your blog; thank you for following mine. I find the resonances too! I sometimes envy your damp, cool, watery environment. By nature, I follow the water, yet I’ve found myself planted here in this desert land for now. Maybe for longer. We’ll see! Best to you and yours.

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