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I’ve been offered a home loan modification.  Thinking practically, I know this will help me get by for the next year and a half. Being realistic, I know that things are never quite that equal. Things happen. That’s the problem; … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Upon arrival in California.

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Staying here? Part One, Reassessing

As far as work is concerned, I feel like I’ve been running over ground I might have covered decades ago.  So many people I know are talking about retirement already and I’ve only been working in a committed way outside … Continue reading

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The unknown universe

When I was first studying archaeology I was presented with the idea of an “unknown universe.” To an archaeologist it means we don’t know what’s out there on the site. We don’t know what we’ll find. We all have our … Continue reading

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Of mortgages and bees

The tinkering with the financial underpinnings of Rainshadow Farm is moving along. That is to say, it looks as if the loan modification will likely go through. We are starting our trial period in November, with the new loan finalized … Continue reading

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Unschooling and working a job

Homeschooling and working: How to make it work By the time our family was fairly deeply into homeschooling, I think I knew more two-income homeschooling families than single-income families. The article I’ve posted has some good ideas. Some things my … Continue reading

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