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my interview

A friend told me she wanted to hear about my experience with a head-hunter. So here goes. I got an email from a reputable engineering firm (my son and his boss vouch for that, and they work at a regional … Continue reading

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Weeds and more (much more, in fact, really long)

Erodium cicutarium, usually known as red-stemmed filaree or common stork’s-bill, is native to the Mediterranean region and was introduced to California in the eighteenth century. There is archaeological evidence for the presence of red-stemmed filaree in adobe bricks from the … Continue reading

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Margaret Mary Vojtko and me

Recently, a longtime adjunct faculty member at Duquesne University died after suffering a heart attack. Although she had taught at Duquesne for 25 years, Margaret Mary Vojtko died nearly penniless and without health benefits. She was not even earning $25,000 … Continue reading

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ACA ranting…

I supported the ACA. I suppose I still do, in an abstract sense. In a personal sense, this isn’t working out so well for me. I figure I can scrape by with the part time job I enjoy, the only … Continue reading

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That thing about interdisciplinary work

One answer to my questions about finding a full time job. There are factors here but this is one answer. In spite of plenty of talking throughout academia about the value of interdisciplinary scholars, the powers that be don’t necessarily … Continue reading

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Cash flow woes?

What can I really afford from my income now that I have a somewhat smaller mortgage? Well, the mortgage. Basic sustenance of household. Some extras like the internet and cable TV. Pray nothing goes wrong with the house and nothing … Continue reading

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the real economics of student completion

Another adjunct-positive report. As for this: “’Institution size is negatively associated with students’ chance of degree or certificate completion,’ the study says. Those who attend large (10,000 or more students) two-year community colleges are 59 percent less likely to achieve … Continue reading

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I’ve been offered a home loan modification.  Thinking practically, I know this will help me get by for the next year and a half. Being realistic, I know that things are never quite that equal. Things happen. That’s the problem; … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Upon arrival in California.

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Staying here? Part One, Reassessing

As far as work is concerned, I feel like I’ve been running over ground I might have covered decades ago.  So many people I know are talking about retirement already and I’ve only been working in a committed way outside … Continue reading

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