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ideal world

In an ideal world I’d teach part time and also run this farm learning center, develop a native plant nursery, and expand the whole deal. In a more than ideal world, one of the colleges I’ve been working for would … Continue reading

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on gray being the new black

That’s the cliché surrounding women of a certain age lately, isn’t it? Just like 50 is the new 30. I actually heard someone say that.  It’s not. I haven’t always embraced a graying head of hair.  Once I did.  Several … Continue reading

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take note: reblog

Sunday Link-A-Doodle-What-The-F*CK: Adjunct Taint Edition. This explains so much. I’ve heard it. I’ve talked about it in speculative tones. Here it is. This is my life.

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alt ed and new starts

When I teach outside of the college, they call it “alt ed.” I haven’t decided what I think of that term. Or even if I care. I probably don’t. I’m finding that there are so many different terms for what … Continue reading

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Last night someone whose opinion I trust indicated to me that using the term “pedagogy” was really not going to fly for me. I think he was laughing at me for using that word to explain something to him. Heck, … Continue reading

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Away from the farm

Three things spinning me around tonight. The Grand Canyon. We are here. It’s breathtaking. It also triggers my fear of heights, but I wish I could live here for a year. I’d move past that problem. So much beauty all … Continue reading

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one job website over the line…

I was reading a jobs website today and ran across an article giving advice for a “successful” job interview out of state. Just reading the title (basically what I wrote above) twisted my stomach into a knot and left me … Continue reading

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grad student dilemma?

This article discusses the current dilemma for grad students in history but acknowledges the situation is very much the same for grad students and new PhDs in all of the humanities. “It is time, they argue, to admit that the … Continue reading

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Financial miscellaneous

Unfinished business. If I speak it, maybe it is now finished. They say, “let go or get dragged.” So I spill the words out and then let go. Stipulated Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) is helpful but investment companies supersede … Continue reading

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Different field. Same old thing.

The author, who has been an adjunct art professor at the college level for 22 years says: “The College Art Association and others like it should be worried. With 75% of the college and university teaching force in the US … Continue reading

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