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of wild grapes

Trying a new grape in the back. It’s called Roger’s Red. It’s a hybrid between California wild grape (Vitis californica) and our everyday grape of commerce (Vitis vinifera). I have already planted the wonderful Mojave wild grape (Vitis girdiana). It … Continue reading

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leaning toward permaculture ideals

Modern permaculture was inspired by Chinese-derived wet-rice and tree-crop systems employed in Southeast Asia, which remain reasonable models of sustainability. Southern China, on the whole, has done less ecological damage in 8,000 years of agricultural history than Western practices have … Continue reading

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ideal world

In an ideal world I’d teach part time and also run this farm learning center, develop a native plant nursery, and expand the whole deal. In a more than ideal world, one of the colleges I’ve been working for would … Continue reading

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California fires, landscapes, and traditional ecological knowledge

Fire season in southern California used to begin late in summer, maybe right before autumn. Last year our first fires came before June. Every year over the last decade they’ve been arriving earlier. Last week, mid-May, San Diego was on … Continue reading

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We’ve had thunderstorms two days in a row here.  Thunderclap and lightning strike together and the power went out at home for a few hours on Thursday. Southern California is dry country. Even the hills running down to the beach … Continue reading

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figs and other warm weather plants in the high desert

I realized recently that I’m finally thinking like a desert gardener/farmer. Maybe I should say thinking more like one. You can’t grow any kind of garden out here without altering your thinking about gardens somewhat and rapidly. I began to … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

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