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MediCal/ACA Redux

Finally got in touch with a supervisor at Medi-Cal who could begin to let me know what is going on with my county, the state, and ACA. She has no idea why two months of paperwork from me has disappeared … Continue reading

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Golden parachute offers

I’ve been thinking about the golden parachute offers that have been flying all over academia since I’ve been looking forward to a full-time position.  Honestly, at my age, I’m not seriously hoping for a full-time position anymore.  [link to other … Continue reading

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Working , yes…

I’ve been seeing more and more reports in which the academic elite in-group (tenured) advise those in the out-group (adjuncts) to stay out there and thrive. They want us to remain adjuncts. Really? At my college alone, if I were … Continue reading

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ACA ranting…

I supported the ACA. I suppose I still do, in an abstract sense. In a personal sense, this isn’t working out so well for me. I figure I can scrape by with the part time job I enjoy, the only … Continue reading

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