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Last night someone whose opinion I trust indicated to me that using the term “pedagogy” was really not going to fly for me. I think he was laughing at me for using that word to explain something to him. Heck, … Continue reading

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ripple effect for developing a sense of belonging

More to follow….

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Art and the tracks

Two constants in my very young life: art and railroad tracks. Those still fascinate me. The environment around the tracks is a weird little world of its own, no matter where. In the northwestern corner of Ohio, the tracks form … Continue reading

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Having Fun . Learning.

The idea of “having fun” comes up frequently among Rainshadow Farm co-participants. During the interview process in the research phase of our collaborative curriculum design, when we created and began implementing our learning ecologies/workshops, every co-participant mentioned  “having fun” somewhere … Continue reading

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What Rainshadow Farm Has Done for Members

100% say the program at Rainshadow Farm changed or enhanced their attitudes about food, sustainable drylands agriculture, and sustainable food systems. 100% say they care more about where their food comes from now. 80% either are now or plan to … Continue reading

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Even though nearly every educator that you may talk to, read, or hear knows that we continue to have a huge educational crisis in this country — things go on as they ever have.  Or at least as they ever … Continue reading

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Rainshadow Farm Photographs

We are in the process of updating our photos. Currently most of the Rainshadow Farm photographs are located at http://turquoisemoon.deviantart.com/gallery/

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