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not really a soccer mom

We’ve hit the turning of the year here at Rainshadow Farm. The days are shorter and the shadows are longer. It’s a melancholy time, laced with such sweetness. That’s what autumn always has been for me, no matter where I’ve … Continue reading

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ideal world

In an ideal world I’d teach part time and also run this farm learning center, develop a native plant nursery, and expand the whole deal. In a more than ideal world, one of the colleges I’ve been working for would … Continue reading

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heart beat

I just realized something. I have been getting scared when I feel my heart beating at rest. I’m not talking about A-fib or an arrhythmia. That’s not so good and if that happens I need to get myself to the … Continue reading

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Another day…

So here’s the thing.  Work hard.  Pay attention. Learn something.  Remember to stay present. When you forget, remember again.  Love whatever/whoever is with you. Be grateful. Relax.

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It’s always now…Sam Harris

Here’s the truth. Sam Harris speaks the truth. I’m at a point in life when I honestly don’t know how many days I have left. Maybe more maybe less. I’ve lost friends. We all have. None of us knows what’s … Continue reading

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Well, I did it. It’s December 1st and I did it. I wasn’t sure I could and I didn’t know about the little badge to put on my page and I’m not all linked up to the official site. I … Continue reading

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Buddhism and Adversity

As a student of Buddhism, I’m learning and practicing. As for being a Buddhist, I’m a pretty bad Buddhist. I don’t have a sangha. I don’t go on retreats. I don’t even have the money to go on retreats. If … Continue reading

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