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of wild grapes

Trying a new grape in the back. It’s called Roger’s Red. It’s a hybrid between California wild grape (Vitis californica) and our everyday grape of commerce (Vitis vinifera). I have already planted the wonderful Mojave wild grape (Vitis girdiana). It … Continue reading

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official, unofficial, whatever

I took the “Institute” out of my blog’s name. A while back, a year or two, maybe, I put it in there, probably unnoticed. That’s what this place where I live is officially called. Rainshadow Farm Institute. On my unfinished … Continue reading

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earth art

I’ve been thinking about earth art in the desert. At RSF we “collaborated” with the soil to produce paintings on canvas. I would like to see more art installations at Rainshadow Farm. Earth art or earthworks are perfect for a … Continue reading

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Art and the tracks

Two constants in my very young life: art and railroad tracks. Those still fascinate me. The environment around the tracks is a weird little world of its own, no matter where. In the northwestern corner of Ohio, the tracks form … Continue reading

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Eco-art  is an enormously varied genre,  with artists working in tandem with the natural world to produce meaningful projects that may be temporary or more permanent.  We might think of Paleolithic cave painters and rock artists as eco-artists since their … Continue reading

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Farm Art Blog: Parideaza Farm Art

Please check this out. Art and agriculture intersect in beautiful and innovative ways.

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