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an irrigation tower for drylands gardening

One of the new farm day participants (but someone who has been following our work for a long time) has initiated a new project. We began construction on Saturday. At Rainshadow Farm, we have hand-watered from the get-go. We do … Continue reading

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Weeds and more (much more, in fact, really long)

Erodium cicutarium, usually known as red-stemmed filaree or common stork’s-bill, is native to the Mediterranean region and was introduced to California in the eighteenth century. There is archaeological evidence for the presence of red-stemmed filaree in adobe bricks from the … Continue reading

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No going back

There is no going back. Everything changes. I have changed. The land I live on and work has changed.  We are changing together, the land and I. My land was once a family farm, supplying extra food to family and … Continue reading

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Art and the tracks

Two constants in my very young life: art and railroad tracks. Those still fascinate me. The environment around the tracks is a weird little world of its own, no matter where. In the northwestern corner of Ohio, the tracks form … Continue reading

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Re-skilling activities and workshops

RE-SKILLING WORKSHOPS – what some local people are interested in (this list was created by the Rainshadow Farm Collaborative Group): How to grow a garden in the high desert How to grow and use herbs How to ecologically harvest herbs … Continue reading

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