a raft

This is a dream that has lived in my mind for a few years.

I wrote about it, but it disappeared, probably when I screwed up this blog and almost lost the whole thing.

When I don’t know what comes next and I worry, this dream carries me.

I need to have this image on here. Just for me, when I feel strange. When I feel weak and scared.

I was floating down a river, in a jungle.

Someone I needed to be freed from stood on the steamy riverbank. He had a new companion by his side.

This is what I saw: You stared, both of you. I floated on, hand trailing in the dark water. Perfect calm. You began to walk. I curved around the bend, the river taking me. No effort.

Where the river takes me, I just cannot know.

He’s no longer in sight. I am still floating. Perfect calm. There’s no going back. I wanted to wave. Everything was shifting by me in shadows and light too fast. I passed through the water, slowly. At peace.

About rainshadowfarm

I teach anthropology, am an archaeologist, a drylands agroecologist, community educator, and a single mother of eight grown kids. I currently own and operate an educational and research farm in the southern Mojave Desert, Rainshadow Farm. I'm 100% West Virginia hillbilly. Not necessarily in that order.
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