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current plan #1190

I’ve spent my days off between 2014 Spring semester and the upcoming (Monday) accelerated summer session letting my mind go untaxed. Untaxed to the best of my ability. That’s saying something since I’ve been in a state of free-floating and … Continue reading

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zero tolerance

A friend and I were talking about zero tolerance in serious relationships. Zero tolerance for deception, anything that comes close to gaslighting, lack of respect, deal breaking, manipulation, all of that sort of stuff. She’s married; I’m single. We’ve both … Continue reading

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“composing a life”

I’ve begun to write about applying permaculture design principles not only to gardenspaces, but also to the lives we lead outside of our gardens. The first thing that occurred to me was that people do this all of the time. … Continue reading

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leaning toward permaculture ideals

Modern permaculture was inspired by Chinese-derived wet-rice and tree-crop systems employed in Southeast Asia, which remain reasonable models of sustainability. Southern China, on the whole, has done less ecological damage in 8,000 years of agricultural history than Western practices have … Continue reading

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ideal world

In an ideal world I’d teach part time and also run this farm learning center, develop a native plant nursery, and expand the whole deal. In a more than ideal world, one of the colleges I’ve been working for would … Continue reading

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