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take note: reblog

Sunday Link-A-Doodle-What-The-F*CK: Adjunct Taint Edition. This explains so much. I’ve heard it. I’ve talked about it in speculative tones. Here it is. This is my life.

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heart beat

I just realized something. I have been getting scared when I feel my heart beating at rest. I’m not talking about A-fib or an arrhythmia. That’s not so good and if that happens I need to get myself to the … Continue reading

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a couple of thoughts for valentine’s day

I’ll start at the beginning. I don’t date. Not really. Or at least I haven’t for a long, long time. Never, in my wildest dreams, would I have thought I’d be single since 2011 and divorced since near Halloween 2012 … Continue reading

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alt ed and new starts

When I teach outside of the college, they call it “alt ed.” I haven’t decided what I think of that term. Or even if I care. I probably don’t. I’m finding that there are so many different terms for what … Continue reading

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Last night someone whose opinion I trust indicated to me that using the term “pedagogy” was really not going to fly for me. I think he was laughing at me for using that word to explain something to him. Heck, … Continue reading

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