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earth art

I’ve been thinking about earth art in the desert. At RSF we “collaborated” with the soil to produce paintings on canvas. I would like to see more art installations at Rainshadow Farm. Earth art or earthworks are perfect for a … Continue reading

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Financial miscellaneous

Unfinished business. If I speak it, maybe it is now finished. They say, “let go or get dragged.” So I spill the words out and then let go. Stipulated Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) is helpful but investment companies supersede … Continue reading

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Be at home

Be at home. In this body. In this home, even though I sometimes want to do a complete start-over somewhere else. I live here now. So be at home. In the midst of this scruffy, strange high desert experiment of … Continue reading

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Letting things change. Can I sit in the midst of this stuff and let it move around me and through me? Fighting it feels horrible. I don’t mean fighting it as in “I’m finishing my degree; I’m writing a book; … Continue reading

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Window at night

Two Leyland cypresses have grown to bracket the window I can look out when I meditate. If I meditate. If I look. I’m not the sort of person who can sit still and meditate in the morning. When I wake … Continue reading

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blog issues

Against my better judgment, I screwed up the layout of this blog fiercely. I have to thank my second-born son for troubleshooting. We were both logged on as me at the same time while he figured out a fix. An … Continue reading

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No going back

There is no going back. Everything changes. I have changed. The land I live on and work has changed.  We are changing together, the land and I. My land was once a family farm, supplying extra food to family and … Continue reading

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