Wordless Wednesday: Upon arrival in California.

California Jam 1974

California Jam 1974

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I teach anthropology, am an archaeologist, a drylands agroecologist, community educator, and a single mother of eight grown kids. I currently own and operate an educational and research farm in the southern Mojave Desert, Rainshadow Farm. I'm 100% West Virginia hillbilly. Not necessarily in that order.
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17 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Upon arrival in California.

  1. Hi, who took this California Jam picture? I was at this event and closer to the stage where this picture was taken. Did anyone here go to the 1974 California Jam? Are anymore Ca Jam pictures? allen pamplin

  2. Hi! Someone I used to know worked the concert sound – we took lots of pictures but I don’t have all of them. I’ll scan and post some more eventually. Glad you like this one!

    • Thanks for replying to my questions. It was Tycobrahe Sound Company with Jim Gamble at the Jam. I went to Jim’s place in Lake Tahoe and talked to him about the California Jam. Great guy, he gave me a Tycobrahe brochure about them and the Tycobrahe sound system at the California Jam. I gave Jim a California Jam poster, and he signed another one for me. When I heard this sound system at the Jam (54,000 Watts) I was blown away how crystal clear it was, and stayed clear even at high volume. There was another guy at the Jam with Tycobrahe who took a lot of pictures, but I have lost touch with him, His name is Marv Isaacman. I also had a correspondence with Dirk Schubert who liked what I was doing with the California Jam story and sent me his California Jam badge, and his old Tycobrahe jacket. I’d love to hear your story and use your picture(s) on my californiajamfanclub page on FB. Here is my email address: californiajam1974@live.com. Again, thank you for the response, and hope to hear from you. allen

    • Plenty of interesting photos here. Blast from the past, for sure. Thanks for doing this – it’s fun to look at all of the photos. I need to see exactly what I’ve still got. There may be some from the scaffolding.

  3. I forgot to add, looks like this shot is taken from the “Mixing Tower”.

  4. Yes, it probably was. My friend who took most of the photos was with Tycobrahe doing some of the mixing. I’ve got the photos stored somewhere at my house. I found this one, now I have to see how many others I still have.

  5. I’ll send to you email, above.

  6. Check out what I did to the aboce California Jam photograph. allen 🙂

  7. Hey! Post some more California Jam pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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