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Buddhism and Adversity

As a student of Buddhism, I’m learning and practicing. As for being a Buddhist, I’m a pretty bad Buddhist. I don’t have a sangha. I don’t go on retreats. I don’t even have the money to go on retreats. If … Continue reading

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Art and the tracks

Two constants in my very young life: art and railroad tracks. Those still fascinate me. The environment around the tracks is a weird little world of its own, no matter where. In the northwestern corner of Ohio, the tracks form … Continue reading

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Margaret Mary Vojtko and me

Recently, a longtime adjunct faculty member at Duquesne University died after suffering a heart attack. Although she had taught at Duquesne for 25 years, Margaret Mary Vojtko died nearly penniless and without health benefits. She was not even earning $25,000 … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Rain the the desert

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On being sensitive

“You’re so sensitive.” “You’re too sensitive.” Said innocently. Said with a smile. Or said with a laugh. Or sometimes said with a thunderhead of judgment in the air.  I’ve heard it said in so many tones, in so many ways, … Continue reading

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Windbreak trees

We need more of a windbreak.  We need trees planted across the line of the prevailing southwestern winds.  It’s the high desert so the winds, in fact, can come from the four directions on four different days.  The desert growth … Continue reading

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Of fences in the front

A friend mentioned to me today that I still don’t have my front fenced in, after our rash of weird thefts. So why not?  My mortgage situation has resolved as well as it can right now. I guess I have … Continue reading

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