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Midlife reflections and beyond Part II

Women Together in All Stages of Life  I sometimes think about the way other cultures have acknowledged and even valued every stage of a woman’s life and have aided women through all their passages.  I think many of us living … Continue reading

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Midlife reflections and beyond

  “It felt like going on a journey without fully realising how long it would be, how far away it would lead me, or where I would finally end up.” ~Henri Nouwen Mid-life Reflections Part I Sometimes lately I find … Continue reading

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Squirrel and rabbit-proofing the high desert garden

In the southwestern Mojave Desert ground squirrels of various species and rabbits will eat a garden as soon as it sprouts. They will consume leaves and unripe fruit from orchard trees as well. This may seem unusual since the genus … Continue reading

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Rainshadow Farm Sky

One of the things you cannot ignore about the high desert is the sky. Rainshadow Farm is situated  at an elevation of approximately 3,800 feet, five miles east of the western face of the San Gabriel Mountains . The rainshadow … Continue reading

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