backyard wildlife habitat

Thanks to Sandra Dodd, quite a bit of my older articles have been saved.  Thank you Sandra!  The next step was to dig out my old floppies (yeah, I’m THAT old!) and begin to update them.  It will now be easier to just write new stuff.  More fun too, eh?

I wanted to put this up first though: Create Your Own Backyard Wildlife Habitat.  This is pretty general since it was written for families around the country.  I would like to bring it home to the high desert and will post a high desert version soon!


About rainshadowfarm

West Virginia hillbilly girl grown up. Grew up in northern Ohio. Farmer from birth. Working class academic. Practical agroecologist. Community educator. Single parent of eight. I also teach anthropology at a community college. I like this work and think it's worth doing and doing well. California community college students are some of the most incredible students I have ever known.
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2 Responses to backyard wildlife habitat

  1. Sandra Dodd says:

    I just found a paper printout of your Video Games article, which we used at HSC some years back. I’m about to transcribe it to this page, which has been waiting.

  2. Thanks Sandra! I think I remember the handout. I think I may have found some other related stuff. I sent you the video games and dyslexia one, didn’t I? If not I will.

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